Remote studio session drum tracks - how it works

Fed up of programmed drums?  In need of studio quality drum tracks on your music that a human drummer has played with feel and groove?  Send me your music and I'll record great sounding real drums, then send you multi-track audio recorded with high-quality studio gear to mix into your project.

  1. Send your track to me
  2. I record a drum part, or play something you've written
  3. Revisions can be made - I want you to be happy with it!
  4. You get back up to 24 channels of real recorded drums

You can choose from a wide selection of drums, cymbals & microphones to use on the session, and what type of sound you're looking for.

It's cost effective, easy & you don't even have to leave your studio!  I also provide mixing & mastering services.

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I've relied on John for a number of sessions over the past few years. 

He's always produced absolute first rate recordings & performances that I can put straight into the mix.  He never fails to take production to the next level.

-James Kelly, Eskimotion

I use John every year when assembling sync tracks and he provides a fantastic service in a rare package of very high level musical and audio engineering competence.

-Ed Hall, All Silk Studios



I hired John to record drums on my EP, and not only did he nail a great performance, but the quality of the recordings provided to me were stunning. 

Highly recommended!

- Andy Pimblott


BASIC RATE: £80/track

Included in the price are:
- A revision (if required)
- Any necessary comping
- Mixed wave file of the drums
- Raw multi-track stems (logically labelled)
- Clean sample hits of the drums for you to use (if required)
- Custom micing and kit choice if required
- Your choice of snare drum


If you provide 4 or more tunes at the same time I offer a 10% discount


I also offer a full professional mixing service at £150 per track.  Further details and examples on request.



Choose a specific snare


Choose a specific drum kit

£15 per session

Choose a specific micing technique & mic package

£10 per session

Play a specific part you've written using MIDI/programmed drums


Percussion overdubs


Audio showreel
Check out a few tunes on Spotify

Here's a Spotify playlist of a few tunes taken from some albums I've played drums & percussion on, ranging from turbo-prog (Cleft) & indie pop (Sukh) through to piano doom (Wilderness Hymnal) & electro (UR Penetrators).  The live Blossoms tune is taken from their "Live from the The Plaza Theatre, Stockport" album and features me on percussion.